Restored to original condition

Most blades have a lifespan and depreciation period of around 20 years. Want to extend the life of the blades? Or are the old blades in need of replacement, but they are no longer made? Global Blade Service overhauls your old blades and restores them to like-new condition. That way the blades will start generating returns again.

Overhaul at time of purchase

Buying one or more pre-owned wind turbines? In that case the turbines will probably have to be dismantled. Overhaul is the fastest way to ensure the blades are in perfect working order. Want to prevent unforeseen damage and high maintenance costs? Then have the blades fully overhauled before installation.

Lifetime extension

We are happy to establish the amount of lifetime extension a rotor blade is given. We even provide you with documentation, in the form of a report. You can then use this report to prove to your insurer, investor or new owner that the blades once again have a certain remaining lifespan. We provide this service in collaboration with insurers and other market parties. In many cases overhaul is an excellent way to give the blades a new lease on life.

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