Blade-specific maintenance

If you are doing everything as you should, the wind turbine is maintained and inspected on a regular basis. Blades truly need this type of periodic care. It is important that direct action be taken to correct any weak spots, erosion and other early-stage damage. When it comes to this, an expert eye is invaluable. Preventive maintenance can save you considerable maintenance costs, noise nuisance and sizable consequential damage in the future.

Maintain high efficiency

You want to maintain a steady return from your wind turbine. Damage has a negative impact on ROI. By working with Global Blade Service you keep the turbine operating as close as possible to peak efficiency. Minimal downtime, quick damage repair and preventative maintenance: you can count on it.

We check all of the following and carry out repairs when necessary:

  • The entire blade surface
  • Wear of the nose cone and tail end
  • Cracks
  • Delamination, bonding failure or structural damage
  • Operation of the lightning protection system
  • Functioning of the drainage hole
  • Vortex generators and stall lists
  • Tip guides, tip bearings and the tip mechanism
  • Removal of grease and oil residue
  • Attachment and sealing of lightning caps and tip mechanism covers