About us

Global Blade Service BV is a top maintenance and repair specialist for wind turbine blades. We are brand independent and can therefore offer our services objectively and transparently.

Global Blade Service: years of experience

The Global Blade Service team includes specialists with over twenty years of experience in this field. All told, we have over 100 years of experience. But what's even more important: we have many loyal customers. Whether for maintenance, repair or lightning damage, a tremendous number of wind turbine owners consider us their trusted expert.

Global coverage

What's in a name? We offer our blade service around the world. We perform quality controls, complex repairs, maintenance and inspections everywhere, from our own backyard in Barneveld to Chile. A large portion of our customer base is located outside the Netherlands.

What we promise

We understand your interests as a wind turbine or wind farm owner. You want minimal downtime, maximum return and no major consequential losses or conflicts with your neighbours or regional authorities. Lightning damage, erosion and contamination are obstacles to the optimal performance of your turbine. We ensure the optimal operation of your property and fix problems quickly and professionally. Our promises:

  • Knowledge and experience
    Doing business with Global Blade Service means access to a wealth of information.

  • Quality
    Our specialists work with the best materials and tools.

  • Responsible working methods
    Safety is paramount in everything we do.

  • Clear agreements
    Clear contracts, good guarantees, clarity in all we do.

  • Quick service and efficient approach
    Minimum downtime thanks to our fast service.

View our references and projects

In recent years we have had the pleasure of helping many customers solve problems with their turbine blades. You can find examples under projects. Want to know what customers think of us? Have a look at our references. How can we make you a satisfied customer?


  1. Knowledge and experience
  2. Quality
  3. Responsible working methods
  4. Clear agreements
  5. Quick service and efficient approach

Barneveld repair facility

For overhauls and complicated repairs we have room to work on your blades in our repair facility. Here our specialists can handle any job under ideal conditions, regardless of the weather. The repair shop is equipped with machines and tools to handle work of any type, quickly and efficiently. The shop is located in Barneveld, just off the A1. This allows us to easily arrange transport, even at short notice.

Qualified personnel

Our specialists are trained and take regular refresher courses to ensure that everyone is familiar with the latest technologies. Working at heights entails special requirements. Therefore, all employees who work at heights have all the necessary certificates. Want to know more about our qualifications? See the Qualifications page for all the certificates and safety measures.

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